“I have been working with Jill since early last year. I have felt that her classes have dramatically reduced my anxiety and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have set goals for myself that I have achieved and setting new ones that I know I will also achieve. My whole mindset has changed and I feel more in control, happy and chilled in life. I have also used some of the practice with my children. Would recommend Jill’s classes as I now feel it’s a part of my life and love it” (online coaching client).

“Jill’s mindset teaching has had THE most profound effect on my life, my depression and my anxiety. After 15 plus years of living with a highly toxic and debilitating mindset, with Jill’s help I have turned this around. I now believe in myself, my confidence has grown, my anxiety levels are at an all time low and my depression is way more manageable than it ever has been. This lady is absolutely amazing and I can’t recommend her highly enough!!” (online coaching client).

“Jill has been a wellbeing step change in our house. School life is A LOT for kids. There’s much to negotiate but with Jill’s tools and her engaging way of connecting so well with the boys (even online) they are now reminding each other of what to do and helping each other solve their day to day niggles. These are the building blocks for a resilient adult. Childhood is not as simple as it once was. No matter how much we try to simplify it, it will always just be “more” for this generation. Schools and families will benefit massively from the work that Jill does. This needs to be a weekly provision for every child and their caregivers, not just those who can” (parent and child sessions).

“Jill has been an amazing support to the families at ARCH Autism Carers Group. She has worked alongside parents, siblings and children with Autism, focusing on strategies to reduce stress and anxiety. She continues to help our families and is such a wonderful asset. We can’t thank her enough for the positive, heartfelt support she provides” (Atism Resource Centre).