Support for 
Mental Health & Wellbeing

Topics include:

Mental wellness
Employee wellbeing
Exam stress and pressure
Resilience and personal growth
Self esteem, belief and confidence
Self talk and challenging limiting beliefs
Professional mental health therapy and support
Goal visualisation, setting and achievement
Positive mental wellbeing support for staff, bespoke to your organisation
Positivity, gratitude, self love and self acceptance
Anxiety, stress, mood indicators and management
Signposting and advice regarding further assessment
Substance misuse, self harm, eating disorders and addiction

This in turn will...

Impact positively on self esteem, belief and self image.
Lower stress and anxiety.
Reduce harmful and destructive coping mechanisms and behaviour.
Improve relationships.
Improve engage and productivity in school or work, positively impacting on attainment.
Increase mood, productivity and motivation.
Promote proactive mental wellness, thus reducing reactive mental illness and behaviours.

Practical Mindset Online

A host of support services available from the comfort of your own home.
Practical Mindset and positive wellbeing for kids, teens and parents,
weekly sessions.
1:1 therapy sessions, and therapy blocks for groups covering mental health topics such as anxiety and depression.
Online coaching sessions for school pupils and teachers.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Face-to-face or online sessions for kids and parents.

1:1 Coaching

Face-to-face or online, for kids or adults.
Recorded teaching sessions with printable content.

1:1 Sessions

Workshops on mental wellbeing for parents of young people with ASD.

Public Speaking

Mental wellbeing sessions for staff and service users.

Practical Mindset for Schools

Support for mental health and wellbeing in schools.

Group Sessions

We are able to offer six week blocks of sessions for a specified group of pupils at a time. This can be ongoing during the school year, and a pupil can return for follow up sessions as felt appropriate. As other pupils progress through the school, and perhaps issues are raised, they will also be able to access the programme.

Individual counselling support for pupils, pupil/parent/carer and staff

A professional counselling service can be provided to support pupils, their parent/carer and staff in your school. 
Sessions will be confidential, and will benefit those experiencing mental wellbeing challenges or trauma. 

Teacher CPD, inservice days and training sessions

Sessions will be targeted at staff mental health and wellbeing, as well as how to work with pupils around the subject. If the Practical Mindset Toolkit is purchased, training will cover the use and application of the resource.

Whole class sessions and assemblies

Sessions cover mental wellbeing topics such as mental health and wellbeing, mind function and management, self esteem/confidence, positive communication and behaviour, self talk, feelings, mood and anxiety triggers and management, managing exam stress, bullying, self calming and regulation, and so on.

Parent and child workshops

Sessions are provided to educate and support parents. Joint parent/child sessions can also be

The Practical Mindset Toolkit

This is a curriculum-based mental health and wellbeing resource that your school can purchase
and receive training in.
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