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Practical Mindset is founded by Jill Trevena, specialist occupational therapist. Practical Mindset aims to provide practical strategies and resources for positive and proactive mental wellbeing.

Practical Mindset supports children, young people and adults to develop healthy self belief and coping strategies; to identify and celebrate their unique traits, treating themselves and others with love, respect and kindness.


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A host of online support service for children and adults.

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Wellbeing support

Bespoke to each individual’s requirements and mental wellbeing goals.

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Positive mental wellbeing support for staff, bespoke to your organisation.


Support for mental health and wellbeing in schools for pupils and teachers.

Author of "The Practical Mindset Toolkit" for schools, a curriculum-based resource widely used across Scottish schools.

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Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
“I am strong, but I’m exhausted”... Anyone else relate?

This is exhausting, it’s brutal and there seems like there is no end in sight...

Those with kids at home.... it’s tough and I feel you. There is no space or time for anything else but school work, your own work, feeding the kids, looking after their emotional health, and trying to maintain some sort of tidiness in the home.

Yesterday I was thinking about strength and resilience. If there was ever a test of those qualities, this is it.

I will keep going, because that it what I do. I will find little snippets in my day to listen to music, to walk outside and breathe the fresh air.

I will tell myself “I am strong, I can get through this. I believe in myself. This too will pass”...

And if all else fails I will lock myself in the bathroom for five minutes... 😄

Sending strength to all who need it today. #strength #exhaustion #burnout #homelearning #parents #teachers #carers #lockdown #2021 #practicalmindset ❤️
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Set an intention that today you will take a moment to breathe slowly and calmly. Check in with your posture, note where you’re holding stress, and make a focused effort to allow this to go.

Use a trigger word like “quiet” or “calm” to remind you to step back and relax a little.

And finally, find something that makes you smile, even if only for a moment. Smiling tricks our mind into thinking things are good. Laughing is good for us too!

Little tips that make a big difference. This stuff really matters ❤️#monday #stress #parents #carers #teachers #support #employeewellbeing #work #mentalhealth #practicalmindset
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
How do you manage stress?

You will have your own story, your own triggers. Do you know what makes you feel stressed?

There is no “quick fix”, but today try some of these:

❤️Observe your inner dialogue. Are you telling yourself “I’m so stressed, I can’t do this, this is awful?”... Negative or unrealistic self talk fuels the fire.
❤️Begin encouraging yourself as you would a best friend “I can do this, I’m doing my best, it’s all ok”.
❤️Keep perspective. Will this matter a year down the line? If not, pull back.
❤️Remember everything passes and emotions too, shift and change. Hang in there and take care of yourself until they do.
❤️Breathe, make a conscious effort to physically relax each area in your body.
❤️Do something every single day, even if only for a few minutes, that is good for you, makes you feel happy and relaxed. Create good habits of self care.
❤️Begin to teach your mind to quiet. Choose a relaxation from utube (Jason Stephenson is fab) and do this daily.
❤️Move! Even if a quick walk around the block or a dance around your kitchen. Exercise burns off the “stress chemicals”.
❤️Smile. This changes your physiology and tricks your mind into thinking you’re happy!

What is your top tip for managing stress? #anxietymanagement #stressmanagement #thiswillpass #youcandoit #share #practicalmindset #occupationaltherapy
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena was live.
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Just this 👇🏻

Sexuality, gender, race, religion, preferences, political views, appearance, style, disability or ability, whatever, you be you.

You have value, you are important, you are loved and you are needed here.

You bring your own unique to this world, there is a place for you.

It hurts my heart to hear people say they don’t fit in, that they are not liked for their differences, that they can’t find their place in this life 😢

Tonight, try telling yourself “I am enough, I matter, I am fine just the way I am”. Because you are ❤️

This stuff really matters #iamenough #youareneeded #live #findyourtribe #humansexuality #gender #preferences #stopbullying #loveyourself #liveyourlife #mentalhealth #disability #inclusion #practicalmindset ❤️
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Brilliant. Parents and home schoolwork - this is for you 🤣

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