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Practical Mindset

Practical Mindset is founded by Jill Trevena, specialist occupational therapist. Practical Mindset aims to provide practical strategies and resources for positive and proactive mental wellbeing.

Practical Mindset supports children, young people and adults to develop healthy self belief and coping strategies; to identify and celebrate their unique traits, treating themselves and others with love, respect and kindness.


Online Services

A host of online support service for children and adults.

1:1 Mental Health & 
Wellbeing support

Bespoke to each individual’s requirements and mental wellbeing goals.

Corporate Wellbeing

Positive mental wellbeing support for staff, bespoke to your organisation.


Support for mental health and wellbeing in schools for pupils and teachers.

Author of "The Practical Mindset Toolkit" for schools, a curriculum-based resource widely used across Scottish schools.

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Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Practical Mindset are a key provider of mental health therapy services for children, teens and adults.

In these challenging times, support for mental health is even more important.

Fully qualified, experienced and registered mental health professionals work together with you and your school to design a gold standard and bespoke package that meets the needs of your learning community.

Would your school benefit from proactive advice or input in relation to implementing mental health and wellbeing strategies for pupils, staff and parents?

Please comment or message to receive your copy of our updated flier ❤️ #teachersofinstagram #headteacher #management #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #proactive #pupils #children #parents #carers #occupationaltherapy #counselling #school #practicalmindset
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
I’ve hit the wall and that’s ok.

I’m really great at being self employed. I manage my time well, I’m efficient and disciplined, and I always get the work done to a high standard. And of all that I’m proud.

Today, like many others I’m sure, I’m off it. I can’t be arsed doing ANYTHING. I’m not low in mood or anxious, I just can’t be bothered.

So for this morning, I’ve moved my chair into the sun, I’ve made a fresh coffee, and I’m basking like a cat in the warmth.

I’m not going to batter the wall, hurdle it or “crush it”.

I’m going to rest comfortably against that wall and enjoy a rest. Ahhhhh ❤️#ivehitthewall #covid_19 #ivehadenough #rest #recovery #imokay #permission #selfcare #acceptance #practicalmindset #occupationaltherapy #mentalhealth
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Anyone else ever feel like this? 🤔
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Today has been truly humbling and emotional.

Today we witnessed real mental distress and overwhelm. All I could do is sit with the person and give him space to calm. I let him know he was being heard, and validated how he was feeling. I asked permission to give him a hug. I sat and waited. I needed him to feel safe and supported.

It’s really difficult not to cry along with the person at times like this.

It is a privilege to have this trust and to help someone find a moment of calm.

We can all do this - listen quietly, without judgement. Just be there when someone needs strength. Offer a kind word or hug.

Mental health is a challenging journey. You are a warrior ❤️#mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #metoo #overwhelmed #emotions #iamlistening #imhere #support #youarenotalone #occupationaltherapy #thisstuffmatters #practicalmindset
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Practical Mindset work with parents, teens and children on all areas of mental health and wellbeing.

We are a team of skilled and registered mental health therapists who can help with trauma, anxiety, mood and emotions, OCD, self harm and substance misuse, and general day to day strategies for better mental wellbeing.

Therapy sessions are carried out in your home, our office or online. Therapists also offer school sessions.

For more information, please just message ❤️#parentandchild #teens #school #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #therapy #communication #practicalmindset
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Amazing memories. This stuff really matters 🙌🏻

Get in contact to book an appointment, arrange an initial call or simply for more information.

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