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Practical Mindset is founded by Jill Trevena, specialist occupational therapist. Practical Mindset aims to provide practical strategies and resources for positive and proactive mental wellbeing.

Practical Mindset supports children, young people and adults to develop healthy self belief and coping strategies; to identify and celebrate their unique traits, treating themselves and others with love, respect and kindness.


Online Services

A host of online support service for children and adults.

1:1 Mental Health & 
Wellbeing support

Bespoke to each individual’s requirements and mental wellbeing goals.

Corporate Wellbeing

Positive mental wellbeing support for staff, bespoke to your organisation.


Support for mental health and wellbeing in schools for pupils and teachers.

Author of "The Practical Mindset Toolkit" for schools, a curriculum-based resource widely used across Scottish schools.

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Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
For everyone starting back today - you can do this.

One day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time.

You’ve felt nervous or anxious before and the more you practice facing it, the less power it has.

There are always opportunities and chances. This is not your last chance so keep on trying your best.

Every time things don’t go to plan, we adapt and grow. We learn about ourselves and this is essential in life.

Know that you are good enough, there is no need for self comparison because you are uniquely amazing.

Find your own inner peace and calm, step back from the drama surrounding you.

Breathe and relax your muscles. Smile.

Use power mantras like “I can do this, I believe in myself, I am strong”...

Know that acute, big scary feelings pass as we readapt. It’s ok. Feel it and let it go.

Be brave, be strong and go do it.
#iamenough #strength #school #work #pupils #teachersofinstagram #selfbelief #feelthefearanddoitanyway #occupationaltherapy #practicalmindset ❤️
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Filled with the deepest gratitude this week when I hear the gains that clients are making.

Anxiety calming and uncovering an inner peace.

Facing things that previously felt too hard.

Feeling the fear but just doing it anyway.

Finding the joy that life holds.

Realising that we have the strength to do this, because we have already been so strong to get to this point.

The type of gratitude that causes a wobbly lip and damp eye. Thank you 🙏🏻 #gratitude #anxiety #depression #changes #occupationaltherapy #mentalhealth #practicalmindset ❤️
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
What will put the sunshine in your soul today? For me, it’s simple pleasures, my coffee outside in the sun, listening to the birds ❤️
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Only though leaning into my fears, understanding why I felt anxious, where it came from and what triggered it, was I able to help myself.

When I learned to accept that sometimes I experience fear and anxiety, that it’s just part of what I feel at times, and that it passes, it lost some of its power.

This is the privileged position I find myself in when working with people around their mental health. To help them understand and find some acceptance is the most rewarding experience. To see them take steps forward and feel more equipped to face life, to feel calm and happy again, is beautiful ❤️
#thankyou #trust #mentalhealth #therapist #anxiety #understanding #acceptance #practicalmindset ❤️
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
I’m really touched that people have noticed I’ve been quiet on here the last week or so!

I’ve been having a much needed break with my family. I really recognise stress signs and symptoms and proactively work to step away when I need to, with no guilt around this.

Self care and acceptance have been key to me and my mental health. Hope you’re all well too 😘#socialmediabreak #holiday #mentalhealthawareness #dowhatisright #selfcare #thankyou #supportnetwork #occupationaltherapy #practicalmindset ❤️❤️
Jill Trevena
Jill Trevena
Sound familiar?...

I often ask “what is the real story?”.

Lean into it, look at it, consider the options and outcomes then take a step back.

What is the real story?

Often the things we imagine never happen, but we spend a whole lot of time worrying regardless.

It takes effort and practice but we can learn to use strategies to manage our anxiety.
#mind #anxietymanagement #overthinking #whatsthestory #mentalhealth #occupationaltherapy #practicalmindset ❤️

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